Server NVR with 12 x Hotswop SATA 3,5Inch HDD’s is an Enterprise 2U Rack Mount NVR designed for enterprise VMS applications requiring large storage scalability and redundancy, continuous up-time and many simultaneous users. The IPINVRS008 is ideal for mission critical & high redundancy solutions with redundant PSU’s Dual OS. The IPINVRS009 is factory equipped with hard drives, which already allows for a storage capacity of up to 144
TB. The storage capacity can be expanded by adding network attached storage (NAS). The
IPINVRS009 is designed to be installed in a 19” rack. The required mounting rails are included. A JBOD Expansion can also be added optionally

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Perfect Appliance for:


Larger retention time applications

Smart Cities – Traffic

Transport (Airports, Sea Ports etc)


Hospitality (Casino’s, Hotels)

Health care

Proven Performance Indicators


Install up to 512 servers in a single system (16384 Channels)

Install 2 or more servers for full redundancy without extra costs

No single point of failure (Distributed hive architecture)

Cloud enabled

Free mobile app

Free mobile app

Free client software – unlimited operator seats

Lifetime software updates for free – no renewals

Supports over 5000 different cameras from different manufacturers

Supports VCA and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Enjoy the most responsive VMS in the industry at a fraction of the cost

Control devices (lights, gates etc from anywhere)

1 price, full package

DUAL SSD Operating system

Hot swop hard drives for additional redundancy (Hardware RAID 0,1,5,10 LSI 3108)

Dual power supplies for added redundancy

Up to 144TB capacity (Expandable via SAN / NAS)